Fill in the Blank - Athenian Learning

Study well.

You will be given a word. Its definition will be next to it with one word missing. You have to fill in the missing word exactly.

hover, To remain in place over an object or location.

pollute, v. To make impure or

moor, v. To hold in place with ropes or

plummet, v. fall suddenly toward the earth or to a lower level; to plunge

buffet, n. 1. A piece of furniture with drawers and shelves for the display of dishes, and bowls. n. 2. A meal laid out for guests to help themselves. v. To pound repeatedly; to batter.

jeopardize, v. To put in of loss or injury.

elude, v. escape by being quick or clever.

attain, v. 2. achieve.

attain, v. 1. To reach; arrive at.

propel, v. push or drive forward.

stationary, adj. 1. Not 2. Not changing.

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