Fill in the Blank - Athenian Learning

Study well.

You will be given a word. Its definition will be next to it with one word missing. You have to fill in the missing word exactly.

aloft, adv. Up in the air, especially flight.

flammable, adj. to catch fire easily.

attain, v. 1. reach; to arrive at.

jeopardize, v. put in danger of loss or injury.

pollute, To make impure or dirty.

elude, v. To escape by quick or clever.

propel, v. To or drive forward.

plummet, v. To fall suddenly the earth or to a lower level; to plunge

hover, v. To remain in over an object or location.

elusive, adj. 1. Hard to find or 2. Hard to explain or make clear.

stationary, adj. 1. moving. adj. 2. Not changing.

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