Fill in the Blank - Athenian Learning

Study well.

You will be given a word. Its definition will be next to it with one word missing. You have to fill in the missing word exactly.

buffet, n. 1. A piece of furniture with drawers and shelves for the display of plates, dishes, and bowls. n. 2. A meal laid out for guests to help themselves. v. To repeatedly; to batter.

stationary, adj. 1. Not moving. adj. 2. changing.

flammable, adj. to catch fire easily.

attain, 2. To achieve.

superb, Of the highest quality; grand; splendid.

pollute, v. To make impure or

elusive, adj. Hard to find or capture. adj. 2. Hard to explain or make clear.

plummet, v. To fall suddenly toward the earth or to lower level; to plunge

propel, To push or drive forward.

moor, v. To hold in with ropes or anchors.

attain, 1. To reach; to arrive at.

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